Lolo Creek Project

Project Date: 2015-2016


Partners: Clark Fork Coalition, USFS, FWP


Involvement: Funding for restoration


WSCTU is supporting the Upper Lolo Sediment Reduction Project, which will focus on decommissioning forest roads and associated culverts that add sediment to the area streams. Where culverts are removed, sits will be recontoured to match current stream geomorphology and large woody debris, and boulders will be placed for grade control. Measurable objectives include 100% recontouring of 12 to 14 miles of forest roads and removal of at least eight culverts, monitoring of stream cross-sections to assess project effectiveness, and outreach and education of community and government agencies. This project will measurably reduce sedinemt in the Upper Lower Creek and will open up many miles of stream for spawning and cold water refugia for bill trout and westslope cutthroat as well as nonnative species.