Rock Creek Confluence Project

Project Date: 2012 (purchase); 2013 - ongoing (restoration)


Partners: FVLT


Involvement: Purchase assistance, restpration funding, volunteer work


December 2012, FVLT purchased 201 acres at the confluence of Rock Creek and the Clark Fork River, with support from WSCTU and other agencies and individuals. This purchase rescued the parcel from subdivision and development and opened the door to restoration on the land and floodplain, and will eventually restore public access to the property. WSCTU volunteers have helped clean up the site in preparation of restoration, pulled weeds and removed barbed wire fencing. On-going restoration plans include removal of a man-made berm along Rock Creek Road, infill of an artificial pond, week pulling, and efforts to restore natural hydrologic cycle to the site. Rock Creek is an important fishery for both conservation of native species and angling opportunities. WSCTU procured a TU Embrace-A-Stream grant, a MTU mini-grant, and contributed Chapter funds to the restoration efforts at the Confluence.