Tamarack Grief Resource Center Men's Camp

In 2013, WSCTU supported the Tamarack Grief Resource Center's Men's Retreat.


Camaraderie. Solace. The chance to honor family members - brothers, sisters, children, spouses, parents - loved and lost too soon.


Without question, grief impacts an entire family, yet services for men are few and far between. Existing grief programs often involve sitting on a couch - which is often not what a guy finds appealing. TGRC is connitteed to moving programs outside. At the confluence of Rock Creek and the Clark Fork River, the Men's River Retreat provides a chance for bereaved dads, husbands, sons, and brothers to gather with other guys who "get it," in a natural landscape. They take time to share stories over coffee or sandwiches, as well as time for reflection and calm along the river banks, WSCTU Board Member, Mike Willett, made sure there were plenty of fly rods for the group.